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We call this the seduction of Joanna

Wedding Dance Party Guy

Joanna didn’t stand a chance. Not with the dance moves that Richard had so meticulously been working on for six months, since he got the wedding invitation from Kristy and Chad.

The flow, the hips, the steely eyes. Well if these didn’t melt Joanna’s icy heart than Richard had no idea what would.

Finally, the day arrived, Richard dressed in his finest, anxiously waited through the stupid ceremony. “Blah, blah, blah, you love each other and shit. Let’s get to the dancing.” He suffered through a four course meal. Kristy and Chad really did spare no expense.

Finally it came, tables were cleared, the hastily patched together band took their “stage” and Kristy and Chad had their first dance. Richard wasn’t paying attention though, it was probably some shitty Journey song. Finally after what seemed like an eternity it was time. Richard had sought out the lead singer in the wheelchair early in the evening.

“Here’s $20 bro, can I get Styx’s Come Sail Away right away?”

“No worries man.”

It was when he heard the spine chilling piano keys that Richard sprinted to the dance area, nearly knocking over an old lady and decapitating a ten year old. When he finally reached the designated grass he proceeded to launch into the most epic and meticulous dance ever choreographed. Suffice to say Joanna was not impressed, in fact she found him even weirder than before.


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