2011 Top Ten Albums w/sentences!!!

So in true end of year fashion Treehouse Records employees have been putting out end of the year lists, they asked some people who have shopped there to submit there’s as well. Below is mine. I’ve included a sentence, or two, or four about each one. Counting down from Ten, enjoy!
10- RihannaTalk that Talk (Island)
Absolutely had to include a Rihanna record, her 2nd release of the year. Say what you will about her, but she works her ass off. Best Track: We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)
9- St. VincentStrange Mercy (4AD)
Any other year this is a Top 5 record, as it is 2011 was great for music.  Best Track: Surgeon
8- Bright EyesThe People’s Key (Saddle Creek)
Conor Oberst brings it again. The weird with Firewall, the soulful with Ladder Song. Too many good memories to not appreciate a Bright Eyes record. Best Track: Haile Selassie
7- Washed OutWithin & Without (Sub Pop)
A great rock record to dance to. Just enough electronic. Best Track: Amor Fati
6- LadytronGravity the Seducer (Nettwerk)
If not the best it was the danciest show I went to this year. Best Track: Mirage
5- Tom WaitsBad As Me (Anti)
Just Waits being Waits. Best Track: Bad As Me (of course)
4- Kurt VileSmoke Rings for My Halo (Matador)
Some very meta tracks. Reminds me a bit of Neil Young. Best Track: Society is my Friend
3- M83Hurry Up, Were Dreaming (Naive)
Super eclectic, electric double album. It’s French so there’s that. Best Track: Steve McQueen
2- The DecemberistsThe King is Dead (Capitol)
Could have been Number One as far as I’m concerned. The Calamity Song video directed by Michael Schur is probably topped only by Lana Del Ray’s new video. DFW nerd alert by the way. Best Track: Calamity Song
1- Wye OakCivilian (Merge)
 This was the best show I saw this year. At the Turf Club in St. Paul. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. Best Track(s): The Alter & Holy, Holy

There you have it 300 some odd words on ten great albums for 2011.  I didn’t even get to include Wild Flag, Jay-Z & Kanye,  Jamie xx, or Feist. Damn it was a good year for music!


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